Biopharmaceuticals expertise in the Centre-Val de Loire region

Biopharmaceuticals expertise in the Centre-Val de Loire region

Regional academic researchers and companies lead or support translational projects. Projects include target selection, biopharmaceuticals design and evaluation from R&D to clinical stages.

Biopharmaceuticals types: 

  • Antibodies: the Laboratory of Excellence MAbImprove gathers academic research teams and projects on monoclonal antibodies and immunoconjugates for therapeutic and diagnostic applications
  • Vaccines: historical expertise in the region, new generations of vaccines
  • mRNA and metabolites produced by cell factories

Specific expertise:

  • Sequencing of antibody repertoires and analysis; antibody isolation
  • Artificial intelligence applied to protein-protein interaction (target-biopharmaceuticals) to accelerate new biopharmaceuticals discovery
  • Organic and bioorthogonal chemistry, bioconjugation of small molecules on antibodies
  • Analytical methods applied to biopharmaceuticals and bioproduction process
  • In vivo evaluation of biopharmaceuticals and biomarkers by PK/PD and by imaging
  • Synthetic biology
  • Formulation, vectorization, and administration methods
  • Generation of better preclinical models to validate biological effect
  • Develop clinical studies for biopharmaceuticals evaluation

Therapeutic areas: immuno-inflammatory, infectious, respiratory, cardio-vascular, neurological diseases, oncological and fertility disorders.