Biopharmaceuticals Ambition Research & Development (R&D) programme

Biopharmaceuticals Ambition Research & Development (R&D) programme

  • Develop a Biopharmaceuticals research and development hub in the Centre-Val de Loire (CVL) region building upon the expertise of multidisciplinary academic research teams and industrial companies (Smart Specialization Strategy in CVL).
  • Coordination by Tours University in close links with Orléans University, CNRS, INSERM, INRAE, CHRU Tours and CHR Orleans hospitals.
    • Scientific coordinator: Pr. Hervé Watier, Professor of Immunology at Tours University and Tours Hospital (CHRU).
    • Pr. Hervé Watier is also the coordinator of the Laboratory of Excellence MAbImprove, dedicated to therapeutic antibodies.
  • Research projects with high translational potential led by academic researchers with economic partners located in the CVL region.
    • See current funded projects below
    • See all the regional expertise
  • Cross-functional initiatives around partnerships development, economic development and professional training with partners Groupe IMTLe StudiumPolepharmaMabDesign and regional organizations
    • Support regional actors working around Biopharmaceuticals
    • Increase collaborations opportunities with academic research teams and companies at regional, national, european and international level.

2023, a Dynamic Biopharmaceuticals R&D programme :

Among the scientific projects developed, here are the 5 current projects:

The team at your service :

Highly trained professionals with degrees (MSc, PhD) in immunology, clinical pharmacology, molecular/cell biology, chemistry/biochemistry and engineering science.